My First Quarter Self Review

How has the first quarter of the year already come and gone? I wasn’t ready for this. I realize I’m a few days behind on this post, I should have done it last week probably, but oh well. I’ll do things on my own time. I had debated this morning if I was actually going to even do a first quarter review, knowing that my year isn’t going to go as planned, not any more. The thing is, if I don’t try to hold myself accountable at least a little I’ll never get anywhere. So, here we go…
According to my Bullet Journal here are the goals I had set for myself this quarter:
1. Write 1-2 articles
2. Blog post every week
3. Make & achieve weight loss goals
4. Study more
5. Start paying off debt
6. Start first draft of novel

So how did I do with these goals? Not super great over all, but individually I did okay. I didn’t get any articles written, not one. I did some brainstorming on ideas, but that was as far as I got. Writing has been fairly difficult for me this quarter and I’m just now trying to get myself back into a space that I can write again. So maybe this quarter will have different results? Only one way to find out.
I did post a blog almost every week. If you don’t count the two weeks I took off from writing anything at all, which I don’t. I needed that time off. So I will count that one as a success!\
I made my goals, but as of today am just slightly off from reaching them. I will still count this as a success. I am doing something that I’ve struggled with my whole life. And I’m doing well with it. I even met with my Personal Trainer 2 times last week and she kicked my ass.
I actually did a good bit of studying the past few months. I was trying to get an IT position with my company so I did quite a lot of HTML, CSS and JavaScript classes. I still have some to finish and then I’d like to move on to something a bit more interesting to me personally. I did not get the job, and that is okay because it will give me much more time to focus on the skills I need to get it, or something like it, in the future.
I spent zero time or effort in the debt department. I am frustrated by this, but I hope to do better this quarter. I really want to get a handle on this and on my savings in general. I have big goals for the year, and this is one of the things that needs to get handled in order to reach my goals.
Up until yesterday I hadn’t really reaching the first draft goal. So I will say this was a no for the first quarter. However, Camp NaNo started yesterday and I started my draft of my novel. Fingers crossed I make it through the month and reach my 50,000 word count goal. That will put me at, or near a full first draft of a novel! I can do it!
Overall for the first quarter, if I had to give myself a grade, I would say it was something around a C, maybe a C+. I don’t think I anything that I did could have been improved much, not knowing how the end of last year was for me. This year is going to be an adjustment period that is for sure. I know that I have to keep pushing through, and I’m trying, that is why I keep giving myself these goals and why I keep adjusting them when I can.
For this next quarter, and for the rest of the year, I have changed slightly how I’m doing my goals. I have found this thing, called Level 10 Life and I am giving this a go. The link provided is of an example of what you can do with this philosophy, it is not the be all end all resource. If you want to know more I suggest doing some research and possibly reading The Miracle Morning, which I have not read yet, but it has been on my to read list for awhile now.
My 10 areas are as follows:
1. Health & Fitness
2. Family & Friends
3. Career
4. Personal Development
5. Writing
6. Being Involved
7. Marriage
8. Finances
9. Fun
10. Culture

This is what I will focus on for the rest of the year. And I feel like they are great areas of focus for me. So, now that you’ve been let in to my most personal thoughts, what are your goals for this year? How have you stacked up so far for the goals you made at the start of the year?

Find Your Why

I recently read an article, which sadly I can not find now that I’m writing this down, about why people aren’t usually able to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not really one to make Resolutions in general, but if you saw my first post of the year (I think), I do tend to try to set goals for myself on a fairly regular basis.

The reason this article spoke to me was because it basically said that Resolutions, or goals in my case, are things that we know we should be doing, for whatever reason, but people don’t make time for shoulds. Instead they will only make time for things if they know why they are doing them. And not just the superficial reason: “I want to do x because it will make me y.” You’ve got to think harder than that. Why do you want the result from that statement? What does it really provide to you, your family, and your life?

I’ve spent my last few days of journal entries trying to figure out my own why, and I think I may finally have it, but only time will really tell. I’m planning on re-visiting this search in a month or so to see is my why sticks, or if it has changed or evolved.

I just think this whole concept is quite interesting and would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on it.

2017 Goals


I know this post is late. I could have tried to write it while I was in New Hampshire dealing with the loss of my brother, but to be honest, I couldn’t. I wasn’t really able to do anything. I still don’t want to do anything, but that is because I’m having a difficult time figuring out how I’m supposed to continue my life without him. I’m not going to get into all of that now, maybe another day. What I can say for certain is this is not a cry for attention or pity. This is me, like always, writing the things that I think of as they come into my head. At this point in my life, 2 weeks later, it is still a fresh wound and a constant thought, so I will try my best to get to the topic at hand…

Goals for 2017

I wrote the following list before my life was changed in a way that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’m including it because I feel like where my mind is at now vs where it was at then needs to be seen, but also because I know if I were starting the year off in a way that I had planned for these would be my goals and keeping them as a part of this post is important to me, for some reason.

Better Eating Habits
Workout Regularly
Be more Social
Read at least a book a week
Walk Idris Daily
Finish First & Second draft of Novel
Write & Submit Articles for publishing
Post new Blog every Sunday
Meditate Daily
Learn to Love Myself
Learn about Myself
Build a Savings

Great list right?! Yeah except right now the reality of my list is: survive. I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about this, and I’m really not. I want to reach all of those goals, if I can, but I’m not going to push myself as hard as I might have before. I am going to try, but I also need to add a few things in light of these events.

Continue Therapy
Consider Medication for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, etc
Make a Living Will/ Will
Make sure I have Life Insurance
Get my Student Loans in Order
Pay off Schools
Go back to School
Start paying off debit

Everything that has happened since my birthday (December 30th) has made me realize I might not have as much time as I thought on this world. Who knows what could happen to me. In my brother Matt’s honor I will do everything in my power to not only live a more healthy life, but to accomplish many of the things that I’ve been putting off because I have “lots of time”.
For any of you that think this might be an overreaction to the loss of my brother, maybe you are right, but the fact remains that he passed on the day after his 34th birthday. Crazy awful right? Add to that the fact that the day after his 34th birthday, was MY 34th birthday. Can you see why I might feel like these are things I need to do now?
Maybe one of these days I’ll write about what happened, or where my head is at, but right now all I can do is give what I have, and that isn’t much. I just knew I needed to do this, even though my anxiety is telling me that it is dumb and everyone is going to pity me and why would I even write such garbage. I’m trying to remember that this is my therapy, this is how I will cope.
Be sure that you will hear more of where my head is at as I continue to blog in the future, but for now this is all you get. I would love to hear your goals for 2017. They don’t have to be resolutions, I really hate that whole thing, but I can’t live my life without having goals to work towards, so I make them and try to evaluate my progress throughout the year. How do you keep track? What are your thoughts on yearly goals?why-you-should-make-goals-and-not-resolutions

17 by 2017 (From Tumblr Post)

The follow excerpt from my personal journal entry was inspired by a post found here. If you don’t want to read it the concept is basically 17 goals I would like to finish before 2017. So my list will follow. There may be references you don’t really understand, since it is from my personal journal. I decided not to edit it into a more reader friendly version because I wanted it to me authentic, to be me. So, yeah, I hope you find my 17 interesting. What are your 17?

17 goals I want to achieve before 2017:

Solidify my fitness routine. Gym days/nights, Yoga, meditation, eating. Everything. I want to figure out the right way for me to do all of these things. This is so important to me that it is currently at the number one spot by accident. Just when I began to think about what to list it was the first thing to come to mind, that is how important I know it is to me. I want to lump making sure that I am going to the Doctor as needed. All kinds of Doctors, not just my primary care.

Write often, if not daily. I know this is something I need to do, and want to do. I convince myself I have nothing to say, or that my writing is terrible, but I know that isn’t true. And even if it is, this is one of the things that I’m here to do, and I need to do it.

Budget. This is needed. I don’t need to do the normal budgeting, if that doesn’t work for me (which it doesn’t seem to do so well for me), but I need to follow some sort of budget or rules with my money. Overspending needs to stop.

Savings. I could have combined this with budgeting, but I feel like they are very separate goals. Savings is going to be very important for my 2017 goals, even though I haven’t sat down to figure them out, but still, I already know that at least one of my goals will involve needing to have started a good savings.

Inventory 2016. Good, bad, ugly, successful, not successful, what I could have changed, or how I could improve more for next year. I need to take the time to really think of these things so I can better understand my goals for next year.

2017 plans. This is another that could have probably been combined with another, but I feel like it needs its own time and focus. So, at some point before 2017 starts I’m going to need to really sit down and figure out what I want to accomplish that year, and try to give myself ideas on how I plan to do that.

Prep a bullet journal? This one isn’t for sure. I don’t know if I want to do this or not. As I feel like I already have that kind of thing going on here, but if I don’t do an actual bullet journal I can take some time to organize and set up something for this that I can work with, template out, or even archive in the future.

Find 1-2 social groups to involve myself with. This has been a goal I’ve mentioned a few times to myself in the past. I would like to get more active socially. I have already taken steps in the meetup app to find groups to join. Now I just have to test them out and find what ones stick for me.

Social Media Cleanse & then cut down. First step is a 1 week cleanse of allsocial media. Second step would be deciding which social media I need to have in my life and cut out the rest. I will have to figure out how to handle Tumblr since that is kind of how I do my blog. So maybe post but not scroll? I’ll figure it out. The important thing is knowing that I spend too much time trying to do it all. I won’t drop them completely, at least not all of them, but I can think of one that is probably going to have to go buh-bye.

Find Video Game Balance. I love video games. Like, so much. So much, I have a habit of letting them run my life in a way that is unhealthy. Right now I have two ways to handle it: Play all the time, or, never play at all. I would love to find a balance between the two, a sweet spot that allows me to enjoy the time I play, but also lets me remember I have a life outside of video games.

Blogging. I would love to aim for weekly blogs, if not semi weekly. I’ve tried blogging several times and I never really have anything good to say so I end up stopping eventually. Still, I think I’d like to keep trying. Eventually I’ll get the hang of it.

German every day. I’ve been using Duo Lingo for awhile now trying to teach myself German. I seem to have a habit of doing the lessons for a week straight and then forgetting for different amounts of time. I’d love to get into a daily German language practice. Not just with the Duo Lingo ap, but with other outlets as well.

Spend more time with Idris. My dog is amazing. She is the best friend a woman could have. She is my co-pilot and my side kick. She protects me, gives me unconditional love and is one of the best cuddlers I know. I’d love to spend more time with her on walks, and hikes, maybe even getting the obedience training I keep talking about. I want her to not only know that I love her (which she knows), but that I would do anything for her (I hope she knows!). I want her to feel loved every single day. And I want nothing more than to go on many adventures with my best friend.

Remove the toxic from my life. No matter the person, if they are toxic, they’ve got to go. This is going to take some real time and consideration. I am hoping that #9 will help me with the process since removing social media from my life can make dealing with people easier. And if I don’t have them and their toxicity in my face all the time it will be easier to let them go.

Build healthy relationships. I don’t think that combining this with #14 would give it the attention it needs. I have major social anxiety, not to mention severe issues understanding (sometimes) even basic social norms. Relationships are difficult for me. I’m not talking just romantic, I mean all kinds. I want to improve the relationships I have and want to hold on to, but also make sure that any new relationships that I’m building are healthy and don’t fall into the toxic list in the future.

Read! I have a goal of 80 books in 2016. I’m currently at 55. So I need to finish out 25 more books before 12/31/2016. Guess I better get rolling!!

Spend time getting to know myself. I’ve started this process recently and I really feel like it is important for me to do. Self reflection, study, and knowledge, these things are something that I really want to keep adding into my life, not just for the remainder of the year, but forever.